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Untreated Wire

Untreated Wire

Imported from Russia
GOST 3282-74
Wire Thickness: 1.4-4 mm
Name նկար GOST Thickness mm M/U
Untreated Wire 3282-74 1.5 kg
Untreated Wire 3282-74 2 kg
Untreated Wire 3282-74 2.5 kg
Untreated Wire 3282-74 2.8 kg
Untreated Wire 3282-74 3 kg

Untreated wire is not thermally processed. The steel low-carbon wire of general purpose corresponds to GOST 3282-74. The OK wire is supplied thermally untreated (t / n) of normal and increased accuracy. OC wire is used for making metal mesh, building nails, for bundling pipes, boards and other packaged materials for transportation, loading and storage, as well as for fencing and other purposes. The OK wire is supplied in coils and coils with a weight of up to 1.0 t. Raw material for the wire is carbon steel of ordinary quality according to DSTU 2770-94 (GOST 30136-95). The wire is manufactured thermally untreated, uncoated, and cold, of normal accuracy.The Arantsk Company offers wire thickness from 1.5 to 3mm