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Wire Rod

Wire Rod

Imported from Russia
GOST 30136-95
Wire Rod’s thickness 6.5-8 mm

Name նկար GOST Steel Type Size mm M/U Count
Wire Rod 30136-95 СТ 3 ПС 6.5 kg 26043
Wire Rod 30136-95 СТ 3 ПС 8 kg 28221.6
Wire Rod 30136-95 СТ 3 ПС 10 kg 0

Steel wire rod: steel wire rod is a material, the base of which is made of steel. This is a thin and flexible wire, the diameter of which can be from 5 to 10 mm. It is intended, mainly, for packing and constriction. No less important application of wire rod is in the production of welding wire and electrodes, building ropes, telegraph wire. For the manufacture of wire rod, the following carbon grades are used: CT 1, CT 2, CT 3, CT 0. The quality of the finished product depends on the composition of the feedstock, the method of production and processing. The Arantsk company offers wire rod, which is made of ST3 according to GOST 30136-95

Steel wire rod is indispensable for the erection of various engineering structures, reinforced concrete and other building structures, for laying power lines, for the operation of machinery and machines. Wire rod is not the most important material that the metallurgical industry produces. However, factories allocate huge capacities for its manufacture.