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Hexagonal mesh

Hexagonal mesh

Hexagonal Mesh is manufactured from black
mesh according to: GOST 3282-74 OK T/HC
Stuff: Russia
Mesh Thickness 1-2 mm
Name նկար GOST Wire Thickness mm Mesh Width mm Mesh Length mm Cage Size mm M/U
Hexagonal mesh 3282-74ОК Т/НС 1 1500 20000 15×15 pc.
Hexagonal mesh 3282-74ОК Т/НС 2 1500 20000 60x60 pc.

CPVC mesh, woven and woven belong to the same category - these are plaster mesh, usually used for plaster reinforcement and, optionally, for filtration, as a conveyor belt, in agriculture.

The woven fabric is produced by the method of cross-weaving the longitudinal and transverse wires, as a result of which squares of square shape are formed. Variants with a shallow cell (zero) are of the type intended for sieving and drying, and are regulated by GOST 3187-76.

In the production process, the wire is treated with polymers, which increases its strength and durability: as a result, it becomes resistant to corrosion and aggressive environments.

As a material for woven mesh, wire is used from galvanized high-carbon or low-carbon steel (woven from black). The shape of the section can be round, rectangular or square with the same diameter along the entire length. The diameter of the wire is 0.25-1.6 mm with a maximum mesh size of up to 20 mm.

Application of woven metal mesh:

• For filtration of building bulk materials (as a screen);

• When carrying out thermal insulation and plastering works in the construction of facades, etc .;

• for work in agriculture - drying the grain, making cells, etc .;

• in the oil industry - washing of clay solution;

• to protect the equipment from overheating in industry;

• as a reinforcing element on conveyor belts;

• for air cleaning and pipe insulation.