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Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh is manufactured
from black mesh according to:
GOST 3282-74 OK T/HC
Stuff: Russia
Mesh Thickness: 2.7-1 mm
Name նկար GOST Wire Thickness mm Mesh Width mm Mesh Length mm Cage Size mm M/U
Metal Mesh 3282-74 OK T/HC 1 1200 1500 20x20 pc.
Metal Mesh 3282-74 OK T/HC 2.7 1000 2000 50x25 pc.
Metal Mesh 3282-74 OK T/HC 2.7 1000 2000 50x50 pc.

Metal building mesh - strong and reliable metal products, which are best, suited for various tasks. These products are highly reliable, because for their production use reinforced steel. Such grids are not afraid of either mechanical influence or aggressive environment. They are durable and do not lose their properties over time. Metal building nets differ not only in species, but also in parameters.
The size and shape of the cells is one of the most important characteristics. The cells of the metal mesh can be square, rhomboid and rectangular. The size and shape of the cells is selected depending on the tasks for which this product is needed. For example, metal woven meshes with square cells are mainly used for sifting bulk materials, filtration of dispersion solutions, air cleaning, and plastering works.

The way of production differs. This can be a welded mesh with square and rectangular cells formed by welding perpendicular to each other rods. Maybe a woven metal mesh with square cells, formed of wires interlaced with the cross method,also it can be a woven metal grid with diamond-shaped or square cells, the rods of which are intertwined in a staggered order. In addition, there are decorative metal meshes with shaped cells, which are used for design solutions.
In the company "Arank" you can buy high-quality metal meshes, which are made of heat-treated wire. The thickness of the wire starts from 2.1 to 2.8 mm; the size of the cages from 10x10 to 60x60