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Wire WR 1

Wire WR 1

Imported from Russia
GOST — 6727-80
Wire Thickness:— 3 mm
Name նկար GOST Thickness mm M/U
Wire WR 1 6727-80 3 kg
Wire WR 1 6727-80 4 kg
Wire WR 1 6727-80 5 kg

Wire WR-1 is made of low-carbon steel by cold pressure and drawing according to GOST 6727-80. Available in coils from 500 to 1500 kg with diameters of 2.8 mm; 3,0mm; 3,8mm; 4,0mm; 4,8 mm and 5,0 mm. Has a corrugated profile. Have high properties at small sizes.

Wire WR-1 has extensive use in nets, brick laying and pouring floors from concrete,also when reinforcing building structures from reinforced concrete. When combining concrete and WR-1, the resistance to cracking and fracture of structures is increased. It is used when welding carcasses for heavy or light structures; when building civil or industrial facilities. Without wire WR-1, many structures are not possible.

In the company "Arantsk" you can buy high-quality WR-1 at low prices. The company "Arantsk" offers wire thickness from 3 to 5 mm