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Galvanized Ridge

Galvanized Ridge

GI Ridge is made of is manufactured from galvanized steel sheet according to:
GOST EN 10346-DX51D,EN10143
Stuff  Russia, Kazakhstan, China
1. Steel Sheet
2. Zn180 and  200 mg
3. GI sheet thickness 0.50 mm
Name նկար GOST Sheet Thickness mm Length of ridge ap-m M/U
Galvanized Ridge EN 10346-DX51D,EN10143 0.5 Par ordre АР/М

Ridge is an important element of any roof. It serves to protect the joints of roofing materials from moisture; thanks to it the edges of the roof looks more modern. The ridge for the roof has a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and it’s a part of the drainage system of the entire house. When you are selecting additional elements, you need to pay attention to the material, color, shape of the roof. Calculation of the necessary parameters of roofing skates should be done taking into account the crevices formed during the installation at the joints.

The height of the roof ridge is selected taking into account that the allowance for profiled sheeting (slate, roofing material) was sufficient to prevent strong front wind from blowing snow and rain under the blades.

In company "Arantsk" you can buy a galvanized ridge, which is made from high-quality Russian galvanized steel sheet.In company "Arantsk" galvanized ridge is cutting to the client required length.