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Galvanized Snow Barrier

Galvanized Snow Barrier

GI Snow Barrier is manufactured from galvanized steel sheet according to:
GOST EN 10346-DX51D,EN10143
Stuff  Russia, Kazakhstan, China
1. Steel Sheet
2. Zn180 and  200 mg
3. GI sheet thickness 0.50 mm
Name նկար GOST Sheet Thickness mm Length of ridge ap-m M/U
Galvanized Snow Barrier EN 10346-DX51D,EN10143 0.5 Par ordre АР/М

Today, in any roof, you can see snow holder - protective elements, which do not allow a sharp descent of snow from the roof.

The avalanche-like gathering of snow masses does not bode well for either the design itself, or the people under it, or the parked cars. The avalanche also cuts everything in its path, starting with antennas and ending with improperly installed gutters. To avoid such negative consequences, snow holders are installed on the roofs. Usually, for this purpose, snow holders are installed to the entrance, the sections above the windows or going out onto the pedestrian parts and etc.  Thus, snow covers are one of the most important elements of the roof, which ensure its safety.

The simplest kind of snow retention is angular. Corners are made of sheets of galvanized metal (thickness 0.5 mm). Loads from a large volume of snow they can’t stand. They are recommended for use rather not for "holding" the snow mass, but for organizing the right withdrawal from the roof. For example, with their help you can protect pipes or aerial outlets, or another. They are also effective enough on skates that have a small area, if you mount the corners in a crossover manner, as in chess.

Mounting snow chains of great complexity does not represent each type of snow retention has its fineness of installation. For example, angled snow covers on the roof of the profiled sheet are fastened to the waves of roofing sheets.

In company "Arantsk" you can buy high-quality GI  corner snow holder, which is made from Russian high quality GI sheets.Length of snow holder 1.25m.